Sonic's Fight is the AOST short made along with 3-parted Robo-Boxer's Revenge episode and both of them are deleted by the author. Sonic and Balto (accidentally called Fox) are fighting in the computer chair in about a minute and in the end the winner was Sonic. The background music in this video playing is a Zebrahead version of "His World" from Sonic The Hedgehog '06.

Was also hardly critiquized now by more people than UltimateX1337 and ThePelemeni09 and also Swaitis as they usually commenting in Knux95's videos and they were both blocked by the author, all episodes of Adventures of Sonic Toys along with other old bad videos are deleted in case of safety or because the author's improvement.

The comments on his deleted videos are still stored in the author's Rambler mailbox and YouTube inbox.

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